Introducing Ireland’s
Maritime Haven


We’ve worked very closely together over the past two years to understand all that Cork has to offer to visitors. The result is an exciting new brand that brings together all of our collective ideas expressed in a singular offer through a vibrant new visual identity.

Matched with the motivations of visitors at home and overseas, our brand imaginatively embraces the spirit of the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East.

Simply put - Cork is Ireland’s Maritime Haven. Our proposition is based around our significant maritime history spanning over a thousand years, set in a beautiful soft coastal environment. The land, the people and their culture will allow our visitors to discover a quirky way to stimulate all of their senses.

Who developed the brand


Pure Cork is a strategic initiative, started in 2015, which set out to brand Cork as a visitor destination. In developing the brand, the name Cork has been used to represent both the county and city of Cork. The strategy, led by Cork City and County Councils and a high-level Tourism Strategy Group, set out a vision and action plan which gives cohesive direction to the future growth of tourism in Cork.

This process was supported by Fáilte Ireland, Tourism Ireland and relevant industry stakeholders, and the strategy was launched in January 2016. The objective of the strategy is to maximize the economic return from tourism in Cork.

Why we have developed a brand

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Cork as a tourism proposition is, as yet, not fully known across many international markets and segments. Visitors, both domestic and international frequently overlook, or are simply unaware of, all that Cork offers.

We must establish Cork as the place to explore two of the best experiences in Ireland – the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East.

Our Pure Cork brand is an endorsement of a uniquely rewarding visitor experience. It sets out to differentiate Cork from all other destinations by reflecting its character in a distinctive and meaningful way.

Places that are clear about their brand promise and values stand a better chance of being profitable and sustainable in the future than those that rely on more mixed messaging.

How to use the brand book


We are now at the stage where we can communicate all that Cork represents - to raise awareness of it as a leading visitor destination.

The guidelines document describes how the brand can work for you in your tourism business and enjoy using the new Cork brand to grow your business.  To help you make the most of the Pure Cork brand, the guidelines document provides two types of information: Understanding Our Brand and Communicating Our Brand.

Who should use the branD

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These Brand Guidelines are a practical guide and resource for stakeholders in the Cork Region. The brand can be used by all organisations in Cork to help guide their own branding and marketing. The Pure Cork brand is designed to service the tourism needs of the region and it is strategically aligned with the overall Cork Placebrand. By working together and transmitting a common set of messages about Cork and its strengths, we can consistently position Cork in the same way and enable it to compete more effectively.